Social media & ranking in search results

The socially shared content can, in turn, take links or get involved, which is a direct classification factor. As a result, paying attention to social networks is important to the success of SEO. Mr: social reputation Like search engines that do not count all links equally, they do not see all social accounts as equal. […]

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content is king

Content is king. You will hear that phrase again and again when it comes to SEO success. In fact, that is why the periodic table of SEO success factors starts with “element” content, with the first element related to content quality. Improve your content and you have created a strong foundation to support all of […]


SEO factors work in combination

SEO factors work in combination No single SEO factor will guarantee a position in the search engine. Having a good HTML title won’t help if the page has low quality content. Having lots of links won’t help if everything is low quality. Having a number of positive factors can increase the chances of success, while […]