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Link building & ranking In search engines

Links are the first important “Outside the page” rating factor used by search engines. Google is not the first search engine that counts links as “voice”, but it is the first search engine that relies heavily on link analysis as a way to increase relevance.

While there is a chat around other signals, the links, along with the content, remain the most important external signal for Google search rankings. But as you will see, some links are more valuable than others.

Lq: link quality
If you are sick, what do you think more, advice from five doctors or from 50 random people who offer your advice when you walk on the road?

Unless you have a very bad experience with a doctor, you could rely on a doctor’s advice. Although you get fewer opinions, you get that opinion from the experts. The quality of their opinions is better, so they add more weight.

How it works just like a search engine. They will count all the links that point to the website (except those that are blocked using nofollow or other methods), but they do not count them all the same. They give more weight to the links that are considered of better quality.

What are quality links? This is one of the types “will know when I see it” in many cases. But the links of large and respectable sites anywhere will be higher in the quality scale than the links you could get when commenting on blogs. In addition, links from the sites of your “environment” that are topically relevant to your site can also be counted more.

Lt: Link text / anchor text
Amazon has millions of links that point there. However, it is not a classification for “boats”. It is classified for “books”. Because many links that point to Amazon say the word “book” in the link, while relatively few say “ship”, because Amazon does not sell boats.

The words in the link – text link or “anchor text” – are seen by search engines as the way one website describes another. It’s as if someone pointed you out in real life and said “book” and said you’re an expert on that subject.

Often you can not control the words people use to link to you, so take advantage of the opportunity you have to influence the anchor text, for reasons.

Ln: Number of links
Many sites have found that getting many links can increase the success of SEO. Also, if you get many links from various sites. All things are the same, 1,000 links on a site will mean much less than 1,000 links on 1,000 sites.

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