Social media & ranking in search results

The socially shared content can, in turn, take links or get involved, which is a direct classification factor. As a result, paying attention to social networks is important to the success of SEO.

Mr: social reputation
Like search engines that do not count all links equally, they do not see all social accounts as equal. This makes sense, because anyone can create a new account on social networks. What prevents someone from creating 100 different accounts to make a false buzz?

Nothing, really, besides the fact that fake accounts like this are often easily recognized. You may only have a few “quality” friends in your network, and only a few can share the material they share.

Ideally, you want to obtain references from accredited social accounts. Having your own social presence that is respected is very important. So participate in relevant social platforms in a real and authentic way, as you do with your website, or with clients in an offline configuration.

SS: Share social networks
As in the links, obtaining a social quality is ideal, but sharing it widely in social networks still helps. Good things happen when more people see your site or brand.

Once again, participation in social exchange sites is very important. If you do not have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page or a Google+ page that you miss. Do not create a network that can help spread (also known as sharing) your content, site and brand.

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